Department of Judge not, lest ye be Judged

Cre­ation­ists Tell Sir David Atten­bor­ough To Burn In Hell:

Telling the mag­a­zine [the Radio Times] that he was also asked why he did not give “cred­it” to the Lord, Sir David con­tin­ued: “They always mean beau­ti­ful things like hum­ming­birds.

I always reply by say­ing that I think of a lit­tle child in East Africa with a worm bur­row­ing through his eye­ball.

The worm can­not live in any oth­er way, except by bur­row­ing through eye­balls.

I find that hard to rec­on­cile with the notion of a divine and benev­o­lent cre­ator.”

I do, too.

(Via The Glas­gow Her­ald.)