Flower: Zen Gaming

Here’s a bit of Wednes­day beau­ty for you:

Cus­tom trail­er for the game put togeth­er by a YouTube user set to “Gold in the Air of Sum­mer” by Kings of Con­ve­nience

Flower is the sort of game that appeals to me. It’s beau­ti­ful. It’s sim­ple. And it’s the antithe­sis of adren­a­line-pump­ing must-fight must-win games —

Joys­tiq writes: “The premise is sim­ple. You are a gust of wind inside a flow­er’s dream and you must car­ry petals to oth­er flow­ers in order to progress to the end of the lev­el. There’s no time lim­it, no haz­ards, no points sys­tem and, real­ly, no way to fail.”

Flower is set for release in ear­ly Feb­ru­ary.

(Via towleroad.)