Google earth defaulting to old imagery?

I’m hav­ing a weird prob­lem with the new ver­sion of Google Earth. Look­ing near me in Man­ches­ter, it’s default­ing to an old image set – around 2004 or so – when they have lat­er images avail­able.

Let me show you:


This is the default image of a street cor­ner near where I live. I had­n’t paid much atten­tion to it until now. But using Google Earth­’s new fea­ture to go back in time, I start­ed to look more close­ly.


This is the same cor­ner from a set of images from 2005. It’s clear to see the site has been cleared, ready for re-build­ing.


But here we are, look­ing at the 2003 image set — and it’s exact­ly the same as the default view.

This is clear­ly wrong — Google def­i­nite­ly has more up-to-date images than the ones they are show­ing by default for Man­ches­ter. Has any­one else had this prob­lem? Can oth­ers check their locale to see if there are prob­lems where they live too?