Google earth defaulting to old imagery?

I’m having a weird problem with the new version of Google Earth. Looking near me in Manchester, it’s defaulting to an old image set –– around 2004 or so –– when they have later images available.

Let me show you:


This is the default image of a street corner near where I live. I hadn’t paid much attention to it until now. But using Google Earth’s new feature to go back in time, I started to look more closely.


This is the same corner from a set of images from 2005. It’s clear to see the site has been cleared, ready for re-building.


But here we are, looking at the 2003 image set — and it’s exactly the same as the default view.

This is clearly wrong — Google definitely has more up-to-date images than the ones they are showing by default for Manchester. Has anyone else had this problem? Can others check their locale to see if there are problems where they live too?