Internet Radio saved: revenue-based royalties set.

Copy­right Board begrudg­ing­ly adopts rev­enue-based stream­ing roy­al­ties:

With explana­to­ry lan­guage that made it clear its judges did­n’t par­tic­u­lar­ly favor any­one at all involved in this whole process, the CRB announced this week it will apply roy­al­ties to stream­ing net ser­vices based on rev­enue.

I’m glad that this has been final­ly sort­ed out. It’s tak­en bills in the Sen­ate, court appeals and over two years of nego­ti­a­tion to find a solu­tion that enables inter­net radio broad­cast­ers – like my favourite SOMA FM – to pay roy­al­ties based on their income rather than on a notion­al amount per song.

The nego­ti­a­tion process clear­ly has­n’t been smooth, and it does­n’t seem as if any side ends cov­ered in glo­ry here. But the user-sup­port­ed inter­net radio sta­tions will con­tin­ue to play a more diverse and inter­est­ing playlist than any com­mer­cial sta­tion. I’ll boost my sub­scrip­tion by a dol­lar or two a month to ensure I can still lis­ten to that.

(Via BetaNews.)