Fix it — great idea!


If you’re hav­ing a prob­lem with a Microsoft prod­uct, then the first stop for find­ing a solu­tion pret­ty much needs to be the MS Knowl­edge­base. It’s solved prob­lems for me and for clients times with­out num­ber. Often how­ev­er this has involved print­ing out the arti­cle in ques­tion in order to fol­low a series of steps on the com­put­er with the prob­lem.

A new, and very wel­come addi­tion to some arti­cles on the Knowl­edge­base removes the need for this — a “Fix it” but­ton, shown above, has been added. When this but­ton is avail­able, it will down­load a small file that con­tains a script or exe­cutable that per­forms all the steps for you. For exam­ple, if Inter­net Explor­er is miss­ing from your desk­top, the “Fix It” but­ton down­loads a small installer file con­tain­ing a script to put it back.

I can see this going far, and hope it’s a major change in fix deliv­ery. Help Desks in par­tic­u­lar should gear up to build local libraries of these script­ed fix­es, in order to push them out where required. And build­ing the serv­er-spe­cif­ic fix­es into Sys­tem Cen­ter Oper­a­tions Man­ag­er for auto­mat­ed behind-the-scenes prob­lem res­o­lu­tion would be a great next step too.