Free the postcode!

Post­codes are an essen­tial part of loca­tion ser­vices in the UK. How­ev­er, they’re not free – they are owned by the Post Office, who will charge you a hefty sum in order to get access to the data­base.

Ham­per­ing free and inno­v­a­tive loca­tion-based ser­vices? Like­ly. Easy to reverse-engi­neer? You betcha!

The Free the Post­code project intends to build a pub­lic domain data­base of post­codes, in the same way that the Open Street Map project intends to build a free map of all streets in the UK, thus break­ing the Ordi­nance Sur­vey’s hold on that infor­ma­tion.

How­ev­er, if you have an iPhone, Free the Post­code has a free appli­ca­tion that uses the phone’s GPS for loca­tion, com­bined with your sub­mis­sion of the post­code. This link will open it in iTunes. There’s also an app for Android phones.

This is an excel­lent idea and well worth sup­port­ing.

Found on TechCrunch UK