Free the postcode!

Postcodes are an essential part of location services in the UK. However, they’re not free –– they are owned by the Post Office, who will charge you a hefty sum in order to get access to the database.

Hampering free and innovative location-based services? Likely. Easy to reverse-engineer? You betcha!

The Free the Postcode project intends to build a public domain database of postcodes, in the same way that the Open Street Map project intends to build a free map of all streets in the UK, thus breaking the Ordinance Survey’s hold on that information.

However, if you have an iPhone, Free the Postcode has a free application that uses the phone’s GPS for location, combined with your submission of the postcode. This link will open it in iTunes. There’s also an app for Android phones.

This is an excellent idea and well worth supporting.

Found on TechCrunch UK