This is the Tablet PC I want

I’ve always been a fan of Tablet PCs. Mainly because I’m completely and utterly in love with Microsoft OneNote –– it’s the killer app for Tablet PCs and for everyone in general who needs to keep their random stuff together on a PC. Goodness knows why it’s not pushed harder than it is.

Anyway. I still look around the tablet PC space from time to time, but have not found anything that’s inspired me recently. This has changed.

Dell Latitude XT2

The Dell Latitude XT2 looks to have fantastic specs –– small (an inch thick!) plus speccing it with a decent amount of memory and a 6-cell battery comes in at around £1300. There’s an optional 9-cell battery the slides onto the base but that obviously compromises size and weight.

I’m still not sure I’d want to have a Tablet PC (or a netbook!) as my only machine. But this would be an absolutely brilliant carrying computer, I think.