This is the Tablet PC I want

I’ve always been a fan of Tablet PCs. Main­ly because I’m com­plete­ly and utter­ly in love with Microsoft OneNote – it’s the killer app for Tablet PCs and for every­one in gen­er­al who needs to keep their ran­dom stuff togeth­er on a PC. Good­ness knows why it’s not pushed hard­er than it is.

Any­way. I still look around the tablet PC space from time to time, but have not found any­thing that’s inspired me recent­ly. This has changed.


The Dell Lat­i­tude XT2 looks to have fan­tas­tic specs – small (an inch thick!) plus spec­c­ing it with a decent amount of mem­o­ry and a 6‑cell bat­tery comes in at around £1300. There’s an option­al 9‑cell bat­tery the slides onto the base but that obvi­ous­ly com­pro­mis­es size and weight.

I’m still not sure I’d want to have a Tablet PC (or a net­book!) as my only machine. But this would be an absolute­ly bril­liant car­ry­ing com­put­er, I think.