Crocodile Surgery

(image © Bar­croft Media)

Not exact­ly sub­tle but when you look like a croc­o­dile to start with, it prob­a­bly does­n’t mat­ter that much real­ly…

In Decem­ber 2008 an unfor­tu­nate 3‑m long, wild Amer­i­can croc­o­dile Croc­o­dy­lus acu­tus was run over by a car, in Flori­da. The ani­mal sus­tained sub­stan­tial head injuries: appar­ent­ly its snout was ‘hang­ing limp’ and it was unable to feed. It was cap­tured and tak­en to the Mia­mi Metro­Zoo.

From Tetra­pod Zool­o­gy.