British Standards Institute introduces Standard British Idiots

British Stan­dards Insti­tute intro­duces Stan­dard British Idiots:

Fol­low­ing a 30 per­cent increase in domes­tic acci­dents, the British Stan­dards Insti­tute has recruit­ed 1000 Stan­dard British Idiots (SBIs) to per­form safe­ty tests on a range of appli­ances. A spokesper­son explained: ‘For years we have worked on the assump­tion that nobody in their right mind would stick a spoon into a live sock­et, but they do. We have recruit­ed this cal­i­bre of per­son: some­one who will look for a gas leak with a match, or set off across the chan­nel on a lilo.’

I’m think­ing of set­ting up a nom­i­na­tion web page for them.

(Via News­Bis­cuit.)

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