The Unevenness of Space-Time Convergence


The Uneven­ness of Space-Time Con­ver­gence « Strange Maps:

How long does it take to trav­el from Lon­don to else­where? The answer is pro­vid­ed by this map, show­ing a set of expand­ing cir­cles cen­tered on the British cap­i­tal, each big­ger one delin­eat­ing two extra hours of trav­el time.
The famil­iar shape of the world is mor­phed into grotesque, con­tort­ed shapes as these isotem­po­ral lines replace the usu­al lines of lon­gi­tude and lat­i­tude for frame of ref­er­ence.

This is from 1981, so it’s not quite as accu­rate any more. I’d love to see it redrawn.

(Via Strange Maps.)

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