Useful OSX Utility: Cameras

One small prob­lem with OSX is that it does the same thing every time you plug in any cam­era — start­ing Aper­ture, for example. The trouble is, while that may be sens­ible when you’re plug­ging in your main cam­era, it’s a pain when con­nect­ing up your iPhone.

Cam­er­as, a free pref­er­ence pane from Flex­ib­its, sorts out this prob­lem. It allows the action taken on con­nec­tion to be set per-device.

It’s work­ing per­fectly here, and fixes one of my long­stand­ing frus­tra­tions with OSX. With it, attach­ing the vari­ous devices I have that take pho­tos now Just Works.