Prevent deactivation of Find My iPhone or iPad

It’s not often I’m post­ing com­put­er or phone-relat­ed stuff here any more, but this one is clever and deserves wider atten­tion:

Pre­vent deac­ti­va­tion of Find My iPhone — Mac OS X Hints:

Cur­rent­ly if you do not have a pass­word on your device a thief (or child) could deac­ti­vate Find My iPhone. How­ev­er most peo­ple don’t know that you can pre­vent this by using a pass­code. (This might require iOS 4.2 or lat­er; I did­n’t have an ear­li­er ver­sion to test it.)

To pre­vent any­one from turn­ing it off you can do the fol­low­ing steps:

  • Open Set­tings and go to ‘Gen­er­al.’
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Restric­tions.’
  • Turn on restric­tions and enter a four dig­it pass­code and repeat to turn on.
  • Under ‘Allow Changes:’ turn both of the switch­es Loca­tion and Accounts to Off.

Now you can­not dis­able find my iPhone with­out the pass­code. This also pre­vents changes to any­thing relat­ed to loca­tion ser­vices and changes made to your email accounts.

Find my iPhone is free. Works for iPads too, of course.