How to stay safe at a public Wi-Fi hotspot

Using pub­lic WiFi is becom­ing risky, if you pass import­ant inform­a­tion insec­urely over it. There are freely avail­able tools out there that will listen in to all the net­work traffic, look­ing for pass­words — and now there are tools, like Firesheep, men­tioned below, that will hijack ses­sions you’ve already securely logged into.

Takeaway les­son? Any time you’re using a pub­lic WiFi spot, encrypt all activ­it­ies if you can. And def­in­itely encrypt pass­words going to your mail serv­er. I’ll be enfor­cing that last one on my mail serv­er in the next few days.

How to stay safe at a pub­lic Wi-Fi hot­spot

(from Ars Tech­nica)