W223: Company Law - got a distinction!

That was unexpected! I got notification yesterday that I'd been awarded a distinction on the Open University law course I did last winter: W223: Company law and practice.

The distinction was an unexpected pleasure as I thought I was only in 2:1 territory --- I didn't think I had quite the grade average necessary across the marked assignments --- the Open University generally requires that your classification for a course will be the lower of your achievement in the final exam / end--of--course assignment, and of the average of your marked assignments throughout the course --- though I knew I was only a percentage point or two short.

So, lessons learned from this course:

  • Don't overly concern yourself if you think you're one or two percentage points short. Don't use it as an excuse to drop your standards.
  • Take time on end--of--course assignments. Everything you need, factually, is there. What can get you the bonus marks is a matter of looking a little further --- research the current state of the law and academic comment about the questions at hand. Incorporate these into your answer, and cite every assertion you make.
  • Make sure your bibliography and references are full and accurate: include every paper you read and found to be relevant, even if you didn't use it. You never know when something has unconsciously slipped through.
  • And finally, again, take time. Whilst making sure you can submit on time, use the last day for a re-read. Out loud. It's amazing how many little grammatical slips you can find that way.

I enjoyed this course, and didn't find it a slog at any point. But have to admit I'm very happy with the result.


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