Calculate your Open University Law Degree classification

Some­time ago I post­ed a link to anoth­er blog con­tain­ing a link to a degree clas­si­fi­ca­tion cal­cu­la­tor for Open Uni­ver­si­ty degrees. How­ev­er, the way the clas­si­fi­ca­tion is cal­cu­lat­ed for OU law degrees is slight­ly dif­fer­ent. Luck­i­ly, it’s pret­ty sim­ple to work out.

The OU law degree con­sists of 4 manda­to­ry cours­es: W200, W201, W300 and W301. For W200 and W201, mul­ti­ply your grade (1–4) for each course by 60. For W300 and W301, mul­ti­ply it by 120 (to reflect the degree of sig­nif­i­cance for these cours­es). Take those four num­bers and add them togeth­er. Their sum will give your class of degree:

  • 630 or few­er — First class hon­ours
  • 631–900 — Upper sec­ond class hon­ours
  • 901‑1170 — Low­er sec­ond class hon­ours
  • 1171 or more — Third class hon­ours

There is one trick to this. If you have a poor result in either W200 or W201, you can replace half of it with a bet­ter result in one of the law short cours­es: W221, W222, W223 or W224. For exam­ple:

Grade 3 pass of W200: 3 × 60 = 180 points.
Grade 3 pass of W200 and a Grade 1 pass of W223: 3 × 30 plus 1 × 30 = 120 points

That can be enough to pull you up a grade!

Just for com­plete­ness — while you need to sit 360 points’ worth of cours­es, it is (with the excep­tion not­ed above) only the 240 points of the manda­to­ry law cours­es that count to your law degree clas­si­fi­ca­tion.

Source: (and a real­ly use­ful read for all OU law stu­dents) Choos­ing your path to an Open Uni­ver­si­ty Law degree: a guide

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