Calculate your Open University Law Degree classification

Sometime ago I posted a link to another blog containing a link to a degree classification calculator for Open University degrees. However, the way the classification is calculated for OU law degrees is slightly different. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to work out.

The OU law degree consists of 4 mandatory courses: W200, W201, W300 and W301. For W200 and W201, multiply your grade (1–4) for each course by 60. For W300 and W301, multiply it by 120 (to reflect the degree of significance for these courses). Take those four numbers and add them together. Their sum will give your class of degree:

  • 630 or fewer — First class honours
  • 631–900 — Upper second class honours
  • 901–1170 — Lower second class honours
  • 1171 or more — Third class honours

There is one trick to this. If you have a poor result in either W200 or W201, you can replace half of it with a better result in one of the law short courses: W221, W222, W223 or W224. For example:

Grade 3 pass of W200: 3 × 60 = 180 points.
Grade 3 pass of W200 and a Grade 1 pass of W223: 3 × 30 plus 1 × 30 = 120 points

That can be enough to pull you up a grade!

Just for completeness — while you need to sit 360 points’ worth of courses, it is (with the exception noted above) only the 240 points of the mandatory law courses that count to your law degree classification. Source: (and a really useful read for all OU law students) Choosing your path to an Open University Law degree: a guide