Not Blogging.

It’s interesting to see how the world has moved on in terms of communication. Even in longform, most people will post on something like Medium. This blog is an anachronism: but one I’m not willing to turn off quite yet.

Calculate your Open University Law Degree classification

Sometime ago I posted a link to another blog containing a link to a degree classification calculator for Open University degrees. However, the way the classification is calculated for OU law degrees is slightly different. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to work out.

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Case Comment: Fallows v Harkers Transport (Royal and Sun Alliance, vehicle insurance)

Mr Fallows’ car was damaged by a vehicle owned by the defendants. Liability was not an issue. Mr. Fallows’ vehicle was insured by Royal and Sun Alliance, who sought to recover their costs from the defendant’s insurers. The costs were £1825.53. Not a large sum. However, the defendants objected.

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Your data in the Cloud is not secure from the US Government

Data storage in the cloud is clearly the where things are moving just now. Given the plethora of devices people have — computers at home, laptops and tablets on the move, smartphones in the pocket, it makes perfect sense for all of a person’s devices to use a single, common repository for shared information. Services such as Apple’s forthcoming iCloud at the domestic level, and commonly–used services such as Google’s Google Apps, and Microsoft’s Office 365 all store your data in their own clouds.

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