On a week’s hold.

Apo­lo­gies for not writ­ing any­thing here this week. I have an art­icle that I must write, and it’s simply not com­ing togeth­er in any way what­so­ever.

I need to carry on beat­ing my head against it for a few days yet, I’m afraid.

Final Test

Note to self: whenev­er you think you’ve com­pletely con­figured some­thing, there’s always one hid­den set­ting that causes it all to break.

You will find this hid­den set­ting approx­im­ately sev­en­teen seconds after rant­ing like an idi­ot to friends, there­fore look­ing even more like an idi­ot.

Crossposting to Livejournal may be delayed

I’m now on my third Word­Press plu­gin that pur­ports to mir­ror posts here to LJ, and it seems that the recent upgrade to Word­Press has broken them all. So mir­ror­ing may take some time unfor­tu­nately. Mean­while, I’ll manu­ally post items to both blogs.

The one that seems to work the most (which of course is cur­rently for neg­li­gible val­ues of “work”) relies on LJ’s email-to-blog inter­face. I have set this up in the past, and have tested it from mail. I can see emails leave to go to LJ, but still no post­ings appear.


Welcome to my blog

This is going to by my cent­ral blog. Giv­en that Live­journ­al may be in ter­min­al decline due to the recent lay­offs of tech­nic­al staff, I’ve decided to cent­ral­ise here, in a blog under my own con­trol.

I’ll still be post­ing to Live­journ­al, but any­thing new there will be locked for my friends. Blog entries from here should be auto­mat­ic­ally pos­ted across.

I may also re-post items from pre­vi­ous blogs, in order to con­sol­id­ate them in one place. Apo­lo­gies if you’ve read them before.