Hello, again

Hi there, to the unnumbered but probably few people who haven’t deleted my RSS feed in the close–on–a–decade since I last wrote a blog post. And looking back: gods, they were terrible. I’ve moved them off to a personal archive where I will never look at them again.

In the intervening time I talked a fair bit on Twitter: but I can’t with any self–resepct associate myself any more with the hellscape it has become. But I didn’t do much there, because I wasn’t doing much.

However, recently, I’ve been picking some hobbies. Some of them might actually be interesting. And oddly, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I’m actually wanting to throw some words into the void about them. I can’t tell you why exactly, nor can I saw how long it will last, but here we go.

I can see three threads of things about which I’m going to write. Firstly, my ongoing quest to simplify and reduce the size of the devices I need to manage my (digital) life. Secondly, a new–ish hobby: the emulation of Digital VAX computers running VMS on current hardware. Thirdly, the mechanics and philosophy or the running of science fiction conventions. Or maybe the philosophy and mechanics. In addition to this, there may be other posts as the mood takes me.

Don’t expect me to write regularly: I still get attacks of Impostor Syndrome. I also don’t expect this to be a conversation here: you can always contact me via one of the methods in the sidebar.

But hey, this is a start. Or a restart.