About Alan

I originally come from near Glasgow, Scotland - where I discovered early on that my first choice of a degree in Microbiology focussed a little too much on yeast when I was more interested in its main by-product. Since then, life can be best described as a series of internal conversations along the lines of “where do I go now?

These have led me into journalism (way back then, for Gay Scotland, for Gay Times, HIM Magazine, the Pink Paper; and for IT Expert Magazine). After that I fell into IT (in 1994, to CIX - the UK’s first and foremost user-orientated online forum provider and one of the UK’s earliest ISPs, then in 1996 to the newly-formed Microsoft Consulting division of Unisys in the UK, where I learned how to do big projects right. In 2002, I set out on my own for a while, continuing to consult on a range of projects for a number of small to medium-sized companies.

I’ve since remained in IT: currently working for a food retail company; initially working on technology refreshes and upgrades in their trading estate but moving on to becoming globally responsible for their PCI compliance and payments technologies, with a large slice of IT security and regulatory compliance.

I live in Manchester, England, though love that it’s only around two hours on the train to London. I still spend too much of my time in front of the keyboard, but do take breaks for the various arts events, queer and otherwise. I studied with the The Open University and gained a BA in Technology and Law, and I might study with them again. Apart from all of that, I spend time with my husband David Bamford, friends, and spend time outdoors in the countryside, or by the seaside, when the weather is good.