Fannish CV

Hailing from near Glasgow, I got into SF Fandom in the mid-1980s via the Albacon series of conventions and started volunteering pretty much immediately: gophering, tech and room monitoring.

Gafiating for a very long time due to life and work, I got back into Fandom via Mancunicon. When an Eastercon is 15 minutes’ walk from your house, it’s pretty much rude not to go, isn’t it?

While away from Fandom I volunteered for a range of other events, predominantly beer festivals in London and queer events in Manchester. The most relevant of these is Queer Up North International festival, for which I volunteered for 7 years, 2005-2011. Starting with office administrivia such as envelope stuffing, I was responsible (often with a very high degree of autonomy) at various times for:

As well as being less formally involved in programme development, and post-event feedback analysis.

I’ve been taking it slowly since returning to fandom. I’ve primarily been staffing fan tables for Glasgow (in) 2024 at Eastercons (Reclamation, Conversation), Satellite 7, the Worldcon Chicon and upcoming at Satellite 8 and Pemmi-con. I am working in MSS for Glasgow in 2024 with a focus on at-con Info; and along with my husband David am writing Alan and David’s Fan’s Guide to Glasgow. It should be ready for the Glasgow Worldcon but we’re not 100% certain which one. I’m very much looking to being on my first item of programme in 35 years at Satellite 7.